Contec offers interface boards that provide computers with digital signal I/O functions. They monitor the status (ON/OFF) of relays, operating switches, and measurement devices as well as controlling (ON/OFF) lamps, 7-segment display units and relays. These boards can also be used as an interface for conducting digital communication with controllers such as PLC or microcomputers.

Digital I/O

AI-1616L-LPE Analog Input Low Profile PCI Express Card /16ch AI(16bit 100ks/s) / 1ch Counter


DIO-1616LN-ETH Isolated Digital I/O Unit (16ch DI, 16ch DO) for Ethernet


DIO-1616L-PEDigital I/O PCI Express Card 16ch/16ch (Isolated 12 - 24VDC)


GP-IB(USB)FL Low Price High-Speed GPIB Communication Micro Converter for USB2.0


DIO-3232LX-USB Digital I/O USB I/O Unit 32ch/32ch (Isolated 12 - 24VDC) - The X Series


DIO-1616LX-USB Digital I/O USB I/O Unit 16ch/16ch (isolated 12 - 24VDC) - The X Series


DIO-1616HN-USB Digital I/O USB I/O unit 16ch/16ch (isolated 5 - 50VDC) - the N series