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    This M2M controller features isolated RS-422A/485, isolated digital input/output, isolated counter input, inter-channel isolated analog input, RS-232C, LAN interface, and Ethernet Hub.

    It is equipped with the ARM®Cortex®-A8 processor (600MHz) and 512MB DDR3-SDRAM system memory. On-board NOR-FLASH is utilized for a booting device. The CPS-MG341-ADSC1-931 includes an OPC UA server function.

    The controller can communicate directly with HMI and SCADA software which supports OPC UA clients from various makers. This M2M Gateway data collector controller supports PLCs as well as various Modbus devices. In the facilities with PLC controlling, data can be collected thanks to the M2M Gateway for PLC controller, and in facilities without PLC controlling, data can be collected by M2M controller.

    This gateway can connect up to 10 Ethernet/calculating links with differing makers PLCs simultaneously. With the CONPROSYS series, data can be collected from various types of facilities and can be managed centrally. All the processes from development to operation can be performed on a web browser. The functions, such as Web monitoring and alarm processing by I/O information, enable you to create a Cloud System at low cost and in a short time.

      Together with OPC UA Server

      OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is an advanced model of OPC specifications, which presents a refined capability of transmitting and receiving semantic description data. OPC UA is a platform independent standard based on TCP. This controller can be operated with HMI and SCADA software which supports OPC UA clients from various makers.

      Promoting a multi-vendor system supporting a varied lineup of PLCs and Modbus devices

      The controller connects and supports every PLC and each Modbus device simultaneously.

      Connect up to 10 links and data collection from 256 group registers

      Up to 10 Ethernet/calculating links can be connected. Data collection from 128 PLCs and 256 group registers can be carried out. Up to 10000 data mapping for Modbus is possible.

      Measurement and Upload

      CPS-MG341-ADSC1-931 uploads measured data of the sensor and collected data from PLC to the Cloud server.

      Web Monitoring

      The controller contains a Web server. Even with the PC located remotely, I/O information can be monitored and updated through a Web browser. On the monitoring screen, the standard GUI parts (graphic, slider, button, etc.) can be freely arranged. All operations including monitoring layout, making relations with I/O information, can be achieved through a Web browser.

      Web Task Script

      By combining icons such as arithmetic operations, conditional branching, data outputting, you can set up the executions or its processes like drawing them in the flowchart. All operations can be completed on the Web browser.


      Model Online Model
      CPU ARM Cortex-A8 600MHz
      Memory On Board 512MB DDR3 SDRAM
      ROM On-Board 64MB NOR Flash for OS
      LED Power (Green)/Status 1 (Green)/Status 2 (Red)
      Switch Reset SW, Shut Down SW, Full Duplex/Half Duplex Switching SW
      RTC RTC built-in (battery life :10 years or longer at 25°C) lunar inequality ±15sec (at 25°C)
      Physical dimensions (mm) 188.0(W)×78.0(D)×30.5(H) ( No projection included)
      Weight 250g
      Installation method Quick mounting on the 35mm DIN rail, Mounting on the wall using the screws *8
      OS Linux kernel 3.2
      Operating ambient temperature -20 - +60°C *9
      Operating ambient humidity 10 - 90%RH (No condensation)
      Non-operating ambient temperature -20 - +60°C
      Non-operating ambient humidity 10 - 90%RH (No condensation)
      Floating dust particles Not to be excessive
      Corrosive gases None
      Line-noise resistance AC Line/±2kV *10
      Signal Line /±1kV(IEC61000-4-4 Level 3, EN61000-4-4 Level 3)
      Static electricity resistance Touch /±4kV(IEC61000-4-2 Level 2, EN61000-4-2 Level 2), Air /±8kV(IEC61000-4-2 Level 3, EN61000-4-2 Level 3)
      Vibration resistance, Sweep resistance 10 - 57Hz *11 /semi-amplitude vibration 0.15mm, 57 - 150Hz/2.0G 40minutes each in X, Y, and Z directions (JIS C60068-2-6-compliant, IEC60068-2-6-compliant)
      Shock resistance 15G half-sine shock for 11ms in X, Y, and Z directions (JIS C 60068-2-27 –compliant, IEC 60068-2-27 -compliant)
      Grounding Class D grounding (previous class 3 grounding), SG-FG/ non-conduction
      Standard VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, CE Marking (EMC Directive Class A, RoHS Directive), KC, UL


      Model Online Model
      Transmission standard 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
      The number of channels 2 *1
      Connector RJ-45 Connector
      LED Speed (Yellow), Link/Act (Green)


      Model Online Model
      Transmission scheme Asynchronous serial transmission (Full Duplex/Half Duplex)
      The number of channels 1
      Isolation Bus Isolation/500VDC(when surge protected parts between SG-FG are unimplemented)
      Baud Rate 300bps - 115.2kbps
      Data length 5, 6, 7, 8bit 1, 1.5, 2stopbit
      Parity check Even, Odd, Non-parity
      Connector 2-piece 3.5mm pitch 5-pin terminal (TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-, SG)
      Applicable wire AWG28 - 16
      LED Transmission (Yellow), Reception (Yellow)
      Switch DIP Switch (Full Duplex /Half Duplex, Terminator (ON/OFF))
      Surge protection element each signal - SG Interactive TVS diode
      Stand off voltage : ±13V, Peak pulse power : 400W(1msec)
      Surge protection element SG - FG Gas discharge tube arrester
      Discharge voltage : ±300V, impulse current tolerance : 2000A(8/20μsec, 10 times)


      Model Online Model
      Transmission standard USB2.0 standard follow
      The number of channels 1
      Connector TYPE-A

      SD Card Slot

      Model Online Model
      Standard SD standard follow
      Connector SD memory card slot
      LED Read/Write (Yellow)


      Model Online Model
      Baud Rate 300bps - 115.2kbps
      Isolation Non-isolated
      Data length 5, 6, 7, 8bit 1, 1.5, 2stopbit
      Parity check Even, Odd, Non-parity
      The number of channels 1
      Connector 9-pin D-SUB connector (Male)
      LED Transmission (Yellow), Reception (Yellow)

      Digital Input, Counter Input

      Model Online Model
      Input type Opto-coupler Isolation Input (Compatible with current sink output and current source output) (negative logic) *2
      Isolation/Resistance Bus Isolation /500VDC, Opto-coupler Isolation/1000V
      Built-in power supply 12VDC (compatible with current sink output) *3
      Input type 5.6kΩ
      Input ON current 1.6mA or more
      Input OFF current 0.16mA or less
      Response time Within 200μsec *4
      Interrupt (Digital input) 4 interrupt input signals are arranged into a single output of interrupt signal. An interrupt is generated at the falling edge (HIGH-to-LOW transition) or rising edge (LOW-to-HIGH transition). (setting can be done by software)
      The number of channels 4 (It is possible to allocate 2channels to counter input)
      Count type Up count
      Max. count FFFFFFH (binary data)
      Counter response speed 1kHz (Max.), Duty: 50% (Max.)
      Interrupt (Counter input) One interrupt caused upon channel count match
      Timer None
      LED DI0 - DI3 (Yellow)
      Surge protection element each signal to B_COM Interactive TVS diode Stand off voltage : ±30V, Peak pulse power : 400W(1msec)

      Digital Output

      Model Online Model
      Output type Semiconductor relay output
      Isolation/Resistance Semiconductor relay isolation/1000V
      Maximum output voltage / current 26.4VAC/VDC/100mA
      Response time Within 2msec
      ON resistance 8Ω or less (at 25℃)
      OFF leakage current 4μA or less (at 25℃)
      The number of channels 2
      LED DO0 - DO1 (Yellow)
      Surge protection element + to - Interactive TVS diode, Stand off voltage : ±30V, Peak pulse power : 400W(1msec)

      Digital Input/ Counter Input/ Digital Output

      Model Online Model
      Connector 2-piece 3.5mm pitch 10-pin terminal (DI_ACOM, DI0, DI1, DI2, DI3, DI_BCOM, DO0+, DO0-, DO1+, DO1-)
      Applicable wire AWG28 - 16

      Analog Input

      Model Online Model
      Input type Current Input
      Input range 0 - 20mA
      Maximum input rating 30mA
      Input impedance 250Ω
      The number of channels Differential Input 2ch
      Channel switching rate 3msec/ch (Max.) *5
      Conversion rate The sampling interval differs by the software programmed by the user.
      Data buffer None
      Resolution 12bit
      Non-Linearity error *6 ±10LSB
      Isolation/Resistance Bus Isolation /500VDC, Inter Channel Isolation /200V
      Connector 2-piece 3.5mm pitch 3-pin terminal (AI+, AI-, SG)
      Applicable wire AWG28 - 16
      LED AI0 - AI1 (Yellow)

      Power Supply*7

      Model Online Model
      Rated input voltage 12 - 24VDC
      Input voltage range 10.8 - 30VDC
      Power consumption 12V 0.7 A (Max.), 24V 0.4A (Max.)
      Connector 2-piece 3.5mm pitch 3-pin terminal (V+, V-, FG)
      Applicable wire AWG24 - 16
      Surge protection element V+ - V-, V- - FG Interactive TVS diode, Stand off voltage : ±30V, Peak pulse power : 400W(1msec)


      *1 The LAN ports of the CPS-MG341-ADSC1-931 are independent, which makes it possible to split the network segment.

      *2 Data 0 corresponds to High level and Data 1 corresponds to Low level.

      *3 The default setting is for an external circuit power supply. With a software command, it can be switched to the built-in power use.

      *4 Response time of Opto-coupler.

      *5 Switching time of Inter Channel.

      *6 The non-linearity error means an error of approximately 0.07% occurs over the maximum range at -20 °C and +60 °C ambient temperature.

      *7 Use power cable within 3meters.

      *8 Commercial screws are required (fit into φ3.5 hole).

      *9 If you use the USB with bus power, operate the product at between -20 and +55°C.

      *10 When you use the CPS-PWD15AW12-01 (optional product).

      *11 When you use an optional power product: 10-55Hz (See the manual of optional power product for details).

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