Contec provides custom communication products that deliver high reliability and superior functionality. In fact, Contec’s network products allow our customers to provide safe and convenient communication network environments in applications where security is a must (offices, schools, factories, and logistics systems). Our expertise and strength in the design and development of industrial products allows us to ensure high reliability and functionality of our network products and meet our customer’s every customization requirement.

Industrial Communication

GW1-ETH-WQ-US Sub-1GHz Band Wireless to Ethernet LAN Gateway


DIO-0404LY-WQ-US Isolated Digital I/O Terminal for Sub-1GHz band Wireless


AI-1004LY-WQ-US4ch Analog Input Terminal for Sub-1GHz band Wireless


CPSN-SSI-4C Thermocouple Module for CONPROSYS Nano Series 4ch


CPSN-COM-1PD CONPROSYS nano Series Serial I/O Module RS-422A/485


CPSN-AI Analog Input Module for CONPROSYS Nano Series


CPSN-DI-16BCL Digital Input CONPROSYS Nano I/O Module 16ch


CPSN-DO-08RL Digital Output CONPROSYS Nano I/O Module 8ch


CPSN-DO-08 CONPROSYS Nano Series Digital Output Module


CPSN-DI-08 CONPROSYS Nano Series Digital Input Module


CPSN-MCB271-1-041 CONPROSYS Nano Remote I/O - Communication Coupler


FXE3000 Embedded Wireless LAN Board (Master/Slave Station/Repeater)


FXA3000 IEEE802.11n/a/b/g Wireless LAN (Access point / Station)




CPSL-08P1EN Multi-Protocol, IP67 8-Channel IO-Link Master