Contec’s extensive I/O product line offers more than 400 custom designed, developed & manufactured boards to adapt to different requirements. These products are essential for testing, automated examination instrumentation, and research and development in the fields of manufacturing, measurement, and control. Contec’s offers product lines for USB modules, PCI express cards and PCI cards.

Data Acquisition (DAQ), Measurement and Control

AI-1616L-LPE Analog Input Low Profile PCI Express Card /16ch AI(16bit 100ks/s) / 1ch Counter


DIO-1616LN-ETH Isolated Digital I/O Unit (16ch DI, 16ch DO) for Ethernet


DIO-1616L-PEDigital I/O PCI Express Card 16ch/16ch (Isolated 12 - 24VDC)


GP-IB(USB)FL Low Price High-Speed GPIB Communication Micro Converter for USB2.0


DIO-3232LX-USB Digital I/O USB I/O Unit 32ch/32ch (Isolated 12 - 24VDC) - The X Series


AI-1608AY-USB Analog Input USB I/O Unit / 8ch(16bit 100ks/s)


DIO-1616LX-USB Digital I/O USB I/O Unit 16ch/16ch (isolated 12 - 24VDC) - The X Series


DIO-1616HN-USB Digital I/O USB I/O unit 16ch/16ch (isolated 5 - 50VDC) - the N series