Contec’s durable clinical monitors are designed and built to adapt to medical and clinical applications. The legacy line features a 4:3 aspect ratio, standard resolution display.  This group is designed to help medical device manufacturers protect their existing equipment investments as they transition to widescreen format.

Other key features include DICOM Part 14 Compliance, 5-wire resistive touch with USB/RS232 combo touch interface, front IP65 rated, IEC 60601-1 medical-grade certified, high contrast display, DVI and VGA video interface, and built-in 2W speakers.

As all of Contec's medical grade monitors, the bill of materials is highly controlled to offer medical OEMs a long-life solution with an extended 3-year warranty.


CM-CL101P 10.1" WXGA PCAP Touch Professional Monitor


CM-ME121P 12.1" PCAP Touch Medical Display


27" PCAP Touch Medical-Grade Display


23.8" PCAP Touch Medical-Grade Display


21.5" PCAP Touch Medical-Grade Display


18.5" PCAP Touch Medical-Grade Display


19" Resistive Touch Medical-Grade Display


17" Resistive Touch Medical-Grade Display


15" Resistive Touch Medical-Grade Display